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Updated: Nov 13, 2020

In the morning the colours seemed fascinating and delightful, they presented themselves to be a completely different shade under the sun rise. After migrating to England, I enjoyed the most cluttered transients in the natural environment here. The change in the season here makes me see a different type of beauty compared to the reflections in my mother land Sri Lanka. Autumn Is the most fascinating time of the year for me. During those days, walking in small footpaths through trees, reflected the auspicious emotions of my heart. By the end of October, someone who has been robbed by the painter is changing the colours of the trees. The yellow leaves of the trees are like dancing over the cold frosty wind. After getting into the rain, the shiny leaves turn brown. This aesthetics usually makes our minds interesting, but only a poet, artist or photographer can hold it and bringing to another person.

At the end of the Autumn, it is blown off with the wind, leaving an empty branched tree. Only the leaf buds are left. That's true of that nature. Gautama Buddha recalled these beautiful scenes of humanity. The truth in the Four Noble Truth presented in the Buddha's Dhammakanapawwatana formula is the immateriality of all phenomena. According to Buddhism, a variance is one of many periods of nature. Everything in life is changing, and nothing is static. The basis of my pictures is the same. The forms and colours of my photos are presented not only by aesthetics but by the teaching of Buddhism about impermanent.

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